Private video game leagues for friends have the familiarity of fantasy sports and the entertainment of recreational leagues. Private leagues are designed for groups of friends to play each other in seasons of their favorite video games.


The person who creates a league on Mission Control is dubbed the “League Commissioner.” The commissioner chooses the video game, the rule set, & the league level before inviting their friends to join.

*must have an access code to join the private Alpha


If you received an invite to join a Mission Control video game league from a friend, your league’s commissioner, you can set up your profile here. As a player, you just need to answer a few questions to get started!

*must have an access code to join the private Alpha

Missed the Battle Bus?

We are excited so many people are interested in trying Mission Control! Unfortunately, we only have room for so many leagues in our earliest stages of growth. We would love to have you and your friends join us soon, though! Add your name to the waitlist below and we will give you access soon.

Looking for Your Schedule?

If you are already in a league and just want to know when to play or find other relevant details, just follow the link below!