League Setup



Create a League

Head to the Mission Control League HQ to create a league for you and up to 9 of your friends to face off in one of your favorite video games. The league will set up a regular season and playoff structure that will all lead to finding the champion of your friend group. The entire setup process is a simple set of questions that might feel familiar - it is similar to setting up a fantasy football team (except you are the one who actually plays)!


Choose The Game, Platform, & Rules

Choose your favorite game to base the league off of. To start off, Mission Control will automatically support the main sports sim games (Madden, NHL, MLB The Show, FIFA, and NBA2k), some shooter games (Fortnite, Call of Duty), and a few other fan favorites (Super Smash Brothers, MarioKart, Rocket League). Then, choose the platform by deciding whether you’d like to play the whole league on a specific console or if anything people can play on works. Lastly, choose the scoring set for the game you want to play and which metrics will determine the winner.




Determine The League Level & Style

Choose between three options for your league level. C League: a free-to-play league for bragging rights, B League: a pay-to-play league with a cash prize for the champion, or A League: a pay-to-play premium league with prizes for all & a big prize PLUS cash for the champion. Then, choose whether your season will be scheduled to a night each week, flexible within a specific week, or open for the entire season.


Invite your friends

Finally, choose a league start date and send invitations to all of your friends who will be joining your new league. Anyone joining will need to be set up at least 24 hours before your league start time to be included. Once everything is set, we’ll send out the schedule and you will be on your way!



Joining a League



Join the Right League

The only way to join a league right now is to be invited by a friend who created one. You can either follow the link in your invitation email or go to the Mission Control League HQ and click “join league” to get you to the right place. Once you see all the leagues to choose from, choose the one you were invited to and enter the league password.


Submit Player Details

Once you’ve found the right league, simply fill out the details about your team and you are good to go. We’ll send you the league schedule, rules, and everything else you need to know to get started properly. If you are playing in a paid league, you’ll be prompted to pay-in before you get full access.